What is The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a digital TTRPG game. You can build your own world, write your story, and play it with your friends online. It contains lot of tools that help you while you storytelling your tale.


Build your own world

Brush different terrains, build cities and dungeons, create epic fantasy worlds! You can create anything you want for your story.

Create your Hero and fight fierceful enemies

Create and customize your hero. Increase your power, learn new skills, equip yourself with weapons, create your own fighting style, while you defeat foes in a turn-based combat!



Play your story with your friends.

Tell your story to your friends while they discover your world. Play music for the good atmosphere, or roll a check if they want to do something special. You have everything you need for a good online TTRPG experience.

About us!

We are Any Button, a small indie team who loves roleplaying, that's why we decided to make our own TTRPG system. Gábor Győrössy is the game developer, who make things alive. Gergely Vörös is the artist, who make things pretty.


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